Don’t Dump It, Deconstruct It & Donate It!

You know Habitat for Humanity does new construction, but did you know we also do construction in reverse? It’s called deconstruction, and it’s the selective dismantlement of building components, specifically for resale or recycling.

Deconstruction focuses on giving reusable material within a home or building new life by means of careful removal by our skilled deconstruction crew.

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or planning an entire home demolition, contact the ReStore for Deconstruction Services to find out how we can save you money AND prevent usable materials from needlessly going to waste in a landfill.

While you’re saving on waste removal fees, your tax-deductible donation of items we salvage will help fund our mission of affordable housing for all.

Contact our Deconstruction Supervisor, Teresa Roberts, at 208-762-4352

Volunteer for our Deconstruction Team HERE

Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho