Randy Evans – Construction Volunteer, Home Repairs and A Brush with Kindness

Randy is a retired firefighter, EMT and contractor, who relocated to the area two years ago.  He has been an avid Habitat for Humanity volunteer ever since.    It’s estimated that Randy has spent over 500 hours on the job, although he won’t really admit to the amount of time put in it is hard to know for sure.  He is the go-to for finish work as “perfect’s good enough” seems to be his creed.   Ever fearless on a ladder, he takes serving others to a whole new level!  We can’t thank him enough for his dedication to eliminating substandard housing in Kootenai County!

Judy Nelson – Volunteer Meal Provider

Judy has been preparing and serving volunteer builders on the job site since 2006???  It is estimated that Judy has delivered over 100 meals to jobsites around the county.

Joe Brown – ReStore Warehouse Volunteer

Antje Cripe – Volunteer

Antje comes in to the ReStore location weekly and volunteers both at the ReStore and in the office.

Jerri Slocumb – Volunteer / Board Member

Jerri is a regular volunteer in addition to being a Board member.  She comes in 2 – 3 days a week, every week and assists with many duties in the office.

Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho